Four maps of the Second World War

From the collections of the Maps Department of the National Library of Russia

Map N-37-109-А (Orel). — Scale: 1:50 000. — Moscow: GUGK (the Directorate General for Geodesy and Cartography), 1941.

The topographic map of the environs of the city of Orel at the scale of 1 cm to 500 m was intended for commanders of units and corps. It was comprised of two sheets joined together. These sheets were issued in 1941. Prior to the Battle of Kursk, the largest tank battle in history, the locations of landforms (gullies, steep slopes, etc.), important for passage of armored vehicles, were marked on the map. This copy was designed to be used by commanders of tank formations. Notes in the lower left corner indicate that it later fell into the hands of German army officers.