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Euphrosynus and his Manuscripts

This section includes an introductory entry about Euphrosynus and his miscellanies, and their historical and cultural importance, the circumstances of the creation of the landmark manuscripts, features of the handwritten books, their contents and the editing methods.

See the Manuscripts – View Copies

Here you can find a digital copies of the Euphrosynus miscellanies along with the tools necessary to view the manuscripts on this website.

See the Manuscripts – Description

This section includes a detailed description of the Euphrosynus miscellanies as landmarks in the history of the hand-written book. Given are archeographic, paleographic, and codicological features of the manuscripts such as the material of the leaves, script, handwriting, design, water marks, composition of the codex, the structure of quires, binding, physical condition, notes and inscriptions left on the sheets of the manuscripts. All this information is presented in the form of summary tables. Descriptions of watermarks are accompanied with photographic images of each filigree, taken with special photography techniques.

All data are recovered from the Depositary system in direct connection with digital copies of the landmarks, so the basic information of this section of the site can be readily illustrated by the corresponding virtual pages of the manuscripts.

This section is intended primarily for source researchers and contains, in particular, the information that can not be obtained from viewing a digital copy of the manuscript (eg, the composition of the codex, the structure of quires, details of the binding structure).

See the Manuscripts – Content

The digital copies of the Euphrosynus miscellanies are linked with descriptions of their content by entries in the Depositary system. With the digital technology, we present here, not only continuous reading is allowed. The text is easy to search. Users can easily find what they are looking for on the pages and jump right there.

The text is devided into entries.

Each entry bears a conventional title. Such titles are designed to simplify the search for the piece of text you require. In addition to this conventional name, which usually is a mere formality, the description of the entry includes the title under which it is placed in the manuscript, its beginning and final lines.

The texts is not accompanied with detailed scholarly commentary, concerning the composition of the miscellanies and helping the modern reader understand their content. The primary aim of the project is to represent a landmark manuscript in a single entity of all its component elements. Therefore, the finding aids, allowing you to search throught the text, are not designed to explain it.

The systematic study of the Euphrosynus manuscripts in these aspects is presented in the following monograph: Kagan M. D., Ponyrko N. V., Rozhdestvenskaja M. V. Opisanie sbornikov XV v. knigopistsa Efrosina // Trudy Otdela drevnerusskoi literatury / Akademiya nauk SSSR. Institut russkoi literatury (Pushkinskii Dom); Otv. red. D. S. Lihachev. L.: Nauka, Leningradskoe otdelenie, 1980. T. 35: Rukopisnoe nasledie Drevnei Rusi. S. 3–300.
(M.D. Kagan, N.V. Ponyrko, M.V. Rozhdestvenskaya. Description of the fifteenth-century miscellanies of the scribe Euphrosynus // Proceedings of the Department of Old Russian literature / USSR Academy of Sciences. Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkin House); Executive Editor D.S. Likhachev. Leningrad: Nauka, Leningrad Branch, 1980. Vol. 35: Manuscript Heritage of Ancient Russia. Pp. 3-300.)


With the Depositary system you can search and view a particular piece of text in the Euphrosynus miscellanies.

You can perform a search of an entry by its conventional title, title under which it is placed in the manuscript (or word from it), its beginning or final lines (or word from them), name mentioned in title, beginning or final lines; data.

The search query returns a list of entries which are linked to the correspoding virtual pages of the manuscript that you can view. You can also use search by subject of watermark.


Section contains a list of basic literature about Euphrosynus and his miscellanies.