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About the Manuscripts

This section includes an introductory entry about the music manuscripts now available online on this site. It describes the history of these manuscripts and their acquisition by the Library, the occassions on which compositions were written and presented as gifts to the Imperial persons. The introduction examines genres and styles of the music works, forms of the presentation of musical material; it tells about the most important names in the history of culture, and mentions the names of the little-known musicians. The entry also pays particular attention to how the music manuscripts, given to the Emperors as gifts, were decorated.

See the Manuscripts

The first page of the section shows a list of shelfmarks and titles of the manuscripts, presented online. To view the description or digital copy of a particular music work, select the item from the list. All data are recovered from the search system in direct connection with a digital copy of the manuscript, so you can see the corresponding virtual pages of the manuscripts.


The digital copies of the music manuscripts are linked with descriptions of their content by entries in the Depositary system. With the digital technology, we present here, not only continuous reading is allowed. The text is easy to search. Users can easily find what they are looking for on the pages and jump right there.

You can search by the following fields:
  • Manuscript Title
  • Author of Music (Composer)
  • Author of Words in Vocal Work
  • Name of Person to whom work is dedicated or given
  • Name of Giver or Composer, dedicated his work to Imperial person
  • Data of Manuscript
  • Language
  • Musical Characteristics:
    • Music Genre
    • Type of Musical Work (instrumental music, vocal music, etc.)
    • Means of Musical Performance (symphonic orchestra, piano, choir, organ, etc.)
    • Form of Presentation of Musical Material (score, vocal score, etc.)

Use any combination of the search features listed above to find item you're looking for. Search accuracy is provided by the search system «Depositary» that returns the most useful results matching your inquiry. This unique search tool will help you find exactly what you are seeking.

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