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Ostromir Gospel

Ostromir Gospel
The Ostromir Gospel online resource continues the National Library of Russia's programme to digitise Russian cultural and historical heritage. The programme began in 2013 with the Laurentian Codex of 1377 online resource. It made available electronic versions of the most important manuscripts to the public and researchers.

The tenth project of the series deals with the oldest surviving dated East Slavonic manuscript book. The project was launched on the International Day of Slavonic Writing and marked the anniversary of the manuscript.

The digital edition of the Ostromir Gospel was produced with use of the Depositary Information Retrieval System, developed by the specialists of the National Library of Russia to form an electronic database of the manuscript colections. This search system makes it possiple to link digital pages of a manuscript with the relevant information from the database.

The presented online resource are a valuable source for the general public, students and researchers.