How to Use the Resource

The resource includes tools that enable you to view the manuscripts as well as to search for the necessary material by the main characteristics of the manuscript books.

A list of all manuscripts in the form of a table is shown on the page 'View the Manuscripts'. The table contains brief information about books: a shelfmark of each manuscript, its title and date.

Entering a shelfmark or a word from the title of the manuscript in the field 'Filter', the user can filter entries, as needed.

To view a manuscript you wish, click on the link 'View' near the selected title. Clicking will take you to digital reproductions of the manuscript folios.

The right table include a list of all collections to which manuscripts belong. The link 'Show' produces the 'pop-up' window with a description of a selected collection.

It is possible to create separate tables of manuscripts by the collection they belong to.

The table of manuscript collections allows you to view materials of the electronic catalogue, concerning a selected collection. The 'Select' link filters the list of manuscripts: only the manuscript titles relating to this collection are displayed in the left table.

The Viewing Window displays a double-page of a manuscript, i.e. each sheet is seen together with the reverse side of the previous folio. There are options for selecting a folio, the possibility to enlarge it.

It is possible to look at miniature images of all sheets of a selected manuscript. A gallery of images will open by clicking on the button 'preview of folios' near 'previous/next' arrows. Clicking on a miniature image of a folio will take you to its digital reproductions.

A manuscript may be found by searching by its shelfmark, the author of the text (if possible), the title of the book, the former owner (a person or an organization) or the date of the document.