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Vladimir Mayakovsky. Dreamer and Herald

Mayakovsky and Poetry

if stars are lit
it means - there is someone who needs it.
It means - someone wants them to be,
that someone deems those specks of spit magnificent.
Listen! [1914],
translated by Dorian Rottenberg

Mayakovsky writing never leaved the reader with an indifferent impression. It arouses either admiration or indignation. Such a passionate attitude to Mayakovsky is explained by the content of his poetry. Mayakovsky was a recusant rebelling against recognized authorities , a "bawler" by his own definition. But there was another important reason that determined the readers' attitude to Mayakovsky . This is - the language of his poetry. It also caused raptures or was subjected to sharp criticism. Some people considered it to be a courageous revolutionary reform of the language, while the others saw it as the weakening and destruction of the Russian cultural tradition, which was developed in our classical literature of the 19th century.

writer of standing reputation

Russian futurist books from the collection of the State Museum of Vladimir Mayakovsky
Readers are invited to become familiar with the first catalogue of the series Russian futurist books from the collection of the State Museum of Vladimir Mayakovsky. It is a complete description of the lifetime editions of the poet. The catalogue demonstrates how Futurist books, conceived for the sake of being shocking, created a new aesthetic and strongly influenced the art of book design. It contains information about more than 900 copies of Mayakovsky's books. The catalogue presented more than 400 reproductions of covers, title and text pages, as well as pages showing the most exemplary ways of decoration. The introductory article explores both works of Mayakovsky and printing techniques that have been used to emphasize the uniqueness of his poems.

Nicholas Khardzhiev. From Mayakovsky to Kruchenykh: Selected works on Russian Futurism
The book of Nicholas Khardzhiev «From Mayakovsky to Kruchenykh: Selected works on Russian Futurism» contains articles and notes on the theory and practice of Futurism - manifestos, poetry readings, debates in the press, the fight of groups and mutual influence of schools, as well as the life and work of such avant-garde authors as Mayakovsky, Khlebnikov, Kruchenykh and many others. The study and factual account is based on a variety of archival documents and interviews with writers directly involved in the Futurist movement. A large portion of the works included in the book have never been republished.