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Map of Consequences of World War I

World War I and its Consequences. Map from: [New Great World Desk Atlas ].
Leningrad, 1926
К 4-Мир 2/554

Diagrams on the map show the terrible results of the First World War.
Only Russia's losses stand at 2.5 million killed and nearly 6 million wounded. This amounted to 5% of its population, taking into account a reduction in fertility and an increase in the death rate among the civilians. As a result of the territorial changes, Russia lost 17% of its territory and 22% of the people living in these territories. Almost 39 billion gold rubles were spent on military. One chart shows the decline in the value of the national property, caused by the war, - comparing with the drop in the value of the property of all the countries involved in the war. A sharp growth was only in the United States (from 394 million gold rubles to 555 billion).

The map was planned to be included in the «New World Big Desk Atlas». To create the atlas, a special scientific commission was established in April - May 1921 in Petrograd (the name of St.Petersburg in 1914-1924). The commission was chaired by an employee of the Petrograd Department of the State Publishing House V. Kaisarov. Initially, the commission was given the task of producing the atlas Russia, but in May 1921 the job was extended, and the commission turned to the creation of the world atlas. The planned size of 126 sheets of maps was increased to 218 sheets of maps, diagrams and graphs. By the spring of 1926, 85 sheets were printed and as many were in the press, but in 1927, the work on creation of the atlas was ceased.

Stored in the Maps Department of the NLR, the maps of the unpublished atlas are colourful samples and are a rarity.

Map of Consequences of World War I
Leningrad, 1926
K 4-Mir 2/554
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