Russian-Armenian Ecclesiastical Relations

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History of the Armenian Church. Persons

Abegian M. George IV, Glorious Catholicos of All Armenians / M. Abegian. – Vagharshapat, 1899.
Shelfmark: ONL

Aivazovsky Gabriel, Archimandrite
Letter to Yegor Petrovich Kovalevsky.
Feodosiya, 21 November. 1859.
Request to assist with the issuance of passports in Paris to the lay brothers Archimandrites Ambrose and Horen Halfa in connection with their removal to Russia.
F. 356. Kovalevsky E.P. no. 121.

Aivazovsky Gabriel, Archimandrite
Note on the management of church affairs, and about the structure of educational institutions in Nakhchivan and Bessarabia Armenian Dioceses, presented to Kovalevsky
F. 356. Kovalevsky E.P. no. 43

Arman. Mesrop Magistr : Bibliographical Review / Arman. – Tbilisi : N. Aganyants Press, 1911.
Shelfmark: ONL

Babian V. Matthew II Izmirlian, Catholicos of All Armenians : (12 Febr. 1845 - 12 Dec. 1910) : a brief story of his life / compiled by Vardan Babian. – Simferopol : G. Epel and F. Korshunov Press, 1910. – 8 pp.

Life of Archbishop George Sureniants. – Tbilisi, 1911.
Shelfmark: ONL

Vazgen I the Catholicos of All Armenians. – St. Echmiadzin, 1983.
Shelfmark: ONL

Gabriel (Aivazovsky), Archimandrite, the brother of the famous artist Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky.
Letter to Christopher A. Lazarev, a trustee of the Lazarev Institute in Moscow. In French.

18 September 1868. Feodosiya.
Arm. n. s. 43, l. 21-22. The letter is bound with messages of Catholicos Echmiadzine, Armenian Patriarchs of Jerusalem and Constantinople.

Karekin I (Neshan Sarkissian). Towards Light and Life / Catholicos Karekin I . – Yerevan, 1994.
Shelfmark: ONL

Luke I, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians
Letter to Bishop of Moscow and Kaluga Plato (Levshin) expressing his gratitude for the hospitality extended to Archbishop Joseph (Joseph Argutinsky-Dolgorukov).

31 January 1782
Arm. n. s. 44.

David V Enegetzi, Catholicos
Epistle to Emperor Alexander I requesting recognition as Catholicos.

4 May 1801 St. Echmiadzin.
Dorn 639.

Eritsov A.D. Private correspondence of Nerses V the Patriarch of All Armenians, and Prince Mikhail Semenovich Voronzov and Princess Elizaveta Ksaverievna Voronzova : [with suppl. and with photos of : 1) Patriarch Nerses V, 2) Prince Voronzov and 3) [Princess Voronzova] / A. Eritsov. Tiflis (Tbilisi) : M. Martirosiants Press, 1898. – 170 pp., 3 sh. of port.
Shelfmarks: ; 130/5265

Ephraim (Yeprem), Catholicos and Supreme Patriarch of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Abbot of Echmiadzin Monastery.
Letter to Lieutenant-General Athanasios Ivanovich Krasovsky about the presentation of a piece of wood from Noah's Ark in a small cross box.
15 March. 1828, Tiflis (Tbilisi).
Translated by Nikolaev.
F. 1000. Op. 1. No. 863.

John (Hovhannes VIII), Patriarch of All Armenians and Catholicos of St. Echmiadzin.
Appeal to Emperor Nicholas I dated July 31, 1841 asking him to issue an imperial order not to print books or articles concerning the Armenian-Gregorian confession, without the prior approval by the supreme spiritual leaders of the Armenian Church.

Translation. In the clerk's hand.
F. 790. Troitsky I.E. Op. 1 No. 145.

Joseph (Argutinsky-Dolgorukov). Christian Denomination of the Armenian Church / translated from Armenian into Russian and published in charge of Right Reverend Joseph, Archbishop of All Armenians in Russia and Chevalier Prince Argutinsky-Dolgorukov. – St. Petersburg : Schnor Press, 1799. – [3], 82, [1], 1–65, 67–69 [=68], 96 pp. – Original spelling is retained.
Shelfmark: ; 139/597

Other Editions:
Joseph (Argutinsky-Dolgorukov). Christian Denomination of the Armenian Church / Joseph Argutinsky ; [introductory article by M. Bagdykov]. – Rostov-on-Don : Molot, 2001. – 96 pp. – In title-page: To the 1700th anniversary of the adoption of the Christianity in Armenia.
Shelfmark: 2002-3/12560

Joseph (Argutinsky-Dolgorukov). The speech for the consecration of the Armenian Church in St. Petersburg, erected in the name of the holy Martyr Catherine, made by Joseph, Armenian Archimandrite, on February 17, 1786. – St. Petersburg : Press of the Imperial Land Cadet Corps of Polish Gentry, 1780. – 8 pp. – Original spelling is retained.

Joseph (Argutinsky-Dolgorukov, Prince), Armenian Bishop, later Patriarch of All Armenians.
The text of the sermon preached by him on February 17, 1786 in the Armenian Church of the Assumption in Astrakhan

Translated from Armenian.
F. 588. No. 332.

Joseph (Argutinsky-Dolgorukov, Prince), Patriarch of All Armenians.
Letter to Chancellor A.B. Kurakin requesting a private meeting with Emperor Paul I.

13 November 1797
In the clerk's hand. Signed by his autograph.
F. 1000. Op. 1. No. 1001.

History of Catholicos of Armenians St. Nerses Partev. – Venice : Mkhitariants Press, 1853.
Shelfmark: ONL

History of St. Mesrop, written by Vardapet Koryun. – Venice : Mkhitariants Press, 1854.
Shelfmark: ONL

Kazarian R.  Komitas / R. Kazarian. – Yerevan, 2009.
Shelfmark: ONL

All Armenian Catholicosat and Caucasian Armenia in the 19th c. – Tbilisi : Sharadze Press, 1894.
Shelfmark: ONL

All Armenian Catholicos Khrimyan Hayrik. – Tbilisi, 1893.
Shelfmark: ONL

Kostanyants K. Nerses V Ashtaraketsi, the Catholicos of All Armenians / K. Kostanyants. – Alexandrople : G. Sanoyants Press, 1909.
Shelfmark: ONL

«A Brief Doctrine of the Armenian Church»
A note sent by Patriarch Nerses V to the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church, along with a copy of the book Historical Artefacts of the Armenian Church Creeds of the 12th Century, published in translation by A.M. Khudobashev in 1847 in St. Petersburg.
In the clerk's hand.
F. 790. Troitsky I.E. Op. 1 No. 145.

Christopher A. Lazarev, Actual State Councillor, a trustee of the Lazarev Institute of Oriental Languagesв.
Letter to Civil Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Ivan S. Khrapovitsky about the upcoming visit of Diocesan Archbishop John VIII (Hovhannes VIII) to Nizhny Novgorod and the consecration of the Armenian Church built on royal support.
20 August 1828, Bucharest.
In the clerk's hand. Signed by the autograph of the author.
F. 569. Pereverzev V.L. No. 990.

Leo. Catholicos Joseph Argutian / Leo. – Tbilisi : Rotinyants Press, 1902.
Shelfmark: ONL

Madeysky Felix.
Letter to Christopher A. Lazarev on presentation of the manuscript of his work A Mixture of Armenian Events or Historical and Statistical Description of Armenians.

1 June 1844, Pyatigorsk District. On Mazhary.
F. 1000. Op. 1. No. 1479.

Mseriants M. History of St. Echmiadzin Catholicosate from Simeon to John VIII (Hovhannes VIII) : 1763-1831 / M. Mseriants. – М. : Mseriants Press, 1876.
Shelfmark: ONL

Nerses the Great. – Tbilisi : M. Rotineants Press, 1885.
Shelfmark: ONL

Nerses Lambronetsi. Selected Speeches / Nerses Lambronetsi. – Venice, 1787.
Shelfmark: ONL

Nerses Shnorali. Prayer of St. Patriarch Nerses : published in 12 lang. : Arm., Rus., Greek, Georg., Serb., Fr., Germ., Engl., Latv., Ital., Hung. and Turkish. / Nerses Shnorali. – Moscow : on support of M. Loris-Melikov, 1830. – XXVI, 112, 5 pp., 1 sh. of portr. – Preface in Arm., Rus., Fr.

Other Editions:
Nerses Shnorali. Prayer of Nerses the Patriarch of Armenians : tratslation from Armenian – St. Petersburg : Khaldarian Press, 1786. – 29 pp. – Parallel Armenian-Russian title and text. – Original spelling is retained.
Shelfmarks: ;137/1242

Nerses Shnorali. Conciliar Epistle / Nerses Shnorali. – Yerevan, 1991.
Shelfmark: ONL

Nerses V, Patriarch of All Armenians
Letter to the Minister of Internal Affairs Count L.A. Perovsky dated January 13, 1850 containing information about the belief of the Armenian Church.

Translation. In the clerk's hand.
F. 790. Troitsky I.E. Op. 1 No. 145..

Hovsepian G. Archibishop Magakiya Ormanyan and Catholicoi Plural Elections / Hovsepian. – Tiflis (Tbilisi), 1911.
Shelfmark: ONL

Hovsepian G.  Mkhitar Sasnetsi (Kermanetsi) 1260-1337 / Hovsepian. – Vagharshapat, 1899.
Shelfmark: ONL

On the Armenia's Education Through Christianity.
The manuscript by an unknown author.
Not before 1888
F. 194. Glubokovsky N. N. Ori .1. Nos. 1568, 1569.

Ormanian M. Armenian Chair / Archibishop Magakia Ormanian. – Vagharshapat, 1886. Shelfmark: ONL

Saints Tadeos and Bartolomeos, the First Illuminators of Armenia. – Tbilisi : M. Vardanian Press, 1887.
Shelfmark: ONL

Letter of Patriarch Photius to Zacharias the Catholicos of Great Armenia // In: Pravoslavnyi Palestinskii sbornik [Orthodox Palestinian Collection]. – 1892. – Vol. 11, iss. 1 (31). – pp. 227–245.
Shelfmark: 18.311.1.9

Nikolai Popov, Priest, Rector of Russian Orthodox churches in Pau and Biarritz.
«The Office for those Coverting to the Orthodox Church from the Armenian or Roman Catholic Religion. In four languages: Slavonic, French, Spanish and German».
22 December 1911/ 4 January 1912 Biarritz.
Red ink marks, "Allowed to be published by the St. Petersburg Theological Censorship Committee. Censor Archimandrite Vasily. St. Petersburg, 1912 February 24 the day ", and marks in pencil by Professor of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy N. Glubokovsky, " On the colour cover, on one side".
F. 194. Glubokovsky N.N. Op. No. 1381

Portrait of Mkrtich Khrimyan, 1900 / Artist Tatevosian // Etchmiadzin Treasures. – Yerevan, 1984.

Portrait of Nerses Ashtarakezi [1850s] / Artist А. Ovnatanyan // State Picture Gallery of Armenia : painting : [album / author-compiler B. Zurabov]. –Moscow, 1986. – illustrations 5.
Shelfmark: E AlIs134/2-Е700

Professor of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy in General Church History, Corresponding Member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences Vasily V. Bolotov (1854–1900)
F. 194. Glubokovsky N.N. Op. 1. No. 1212. L. 37.

Professor of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy and St. Petersburg State University Ivan Ye. Troitsky (1832–1901)
F. 194. Glubokovsky N.N. Op. 1. No. 1212. L 7.

Sedrakian A. Biography of Bishop Johannes Shakhatunyants. /Bishop Aristakes Sedrakian. – St. Petersburg : Liberman Press, 1898. Shelfmark: ONL

St. Nerses / Artist А. Ovnatanyan // Etchmiadzin Treasures. – Yerevan, 1984.

St. Ohan / Artist А. Ovnatanyan // Etchmiadzin Treasures. – Yerevan, 1984.

Runkevich S. Members of higher orders of clergy of the Petrine era and their correspondence with Peter the Great / S. Runkevich. – St. Petersburg : Montvid Press, 1906–1919.
Iss. 1. – 1906. – IV, 194 pp. – From the magazine «Strannik (Pilgrim)». 1904. Oct.–Dec. ; 1905. Jan.–Dec. Iss. 2. – [19--?]. – 144 pp.
Shelfmark: (imperfect copy: iss. 2: text is cut off at 44 p.) + Shelfmarks are different

Solemn Song for Consecration of Saint George, Catholicos of All Armenians. – Simferople, 1867.
Shelfmark: ONL

Tsotsikian S. His Holiness Hayrik in Baku / S. Tsotsikian. – Baku : Aror, 1868.
Shelfmark: ONL

Order of the Holy and Divine Liturgy of Armenian Church, published in charge of Right Reverend Joseph, Archbishop of All Armenians in Russia : translated from Armenian into Russian and published in charge of Right Reverend Joseph, Archbishop of All Armenians in Russia, Prince Argutinsky-Dolgorukov. – St. Petersburg : Academy of Sciences Press, 1857. – [8], 86 pp. – Original spelling is retained.
Shelfmark: ;

Shakh-Nazaryants S. His Holiness Izmirlian / S. Shakh-Nazaryants. – Moscow : E. Avetikian, 1910.
Shelfmark: ONL

Encyclopedia of the Armenian Church : Part 1. Catholicoi of All Armenians. – St. Echmiadzin, 2008.
Shelfmark: ONL

Yusufian H. Gregory the Illuminator and his Sons / H. Yusufian. – Tiflis (Tbilisi) : L. Kramarenko Press, 1886.
Shelfmark: ONL

Yagubian K. Restoration of the Diocese and Catholicos Matthew II / K. Yagubian. – Tbilisi : M. Martirosyants Press, 1911.
Shelfmark: ONL