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Russia on Maps

Russia on Maps:
from the collections of the Maps Department of the National Library of Russia

The National Library possesses one of the world's largest collection of Russian printed maps and atlases. It is considered as outstanding in its richness, completeness and diversity. The uniquely full collection, describing Russian lands and events of Russian history, are presented in the the electronic project «Russia on Maps». The project covers items from the sixteenth century to the present.

The first section of the exhibition shows Russian maps and atlases of the 18th century. These are the most valuable landmarks prodused in the era of the birth and growth of Russian cartography as a science. The exposition includes the first printed Russian maps of the period of Peter the Great, publications of the Academy of Sciences and maps drawn by many other institutions. A separate section demonstrates maps and plans of the key battles of the Russian army, taken place in the 18th century.

The second section of the exhibition displays foreign maps of Russia. Works of Western European masters of the 16th-17th centuries are interesting not only as masterpieces of engraving art, but also as examples of Russian geographical materials of pre-Petrine time.

Part 1. Maps and Atlases of the 18th century.

  1. Maps of Peter the Great's Time.
  2. General Maps of the Russian Empire.
  3. Cartographic Activities of the Academy of Sciences.
    1. Academic Expeditions and their Mapping
    2. Geographical Department of the Academy of Sciences at M. Lomonosov's time.
    (View the exhibition «M. Lomonosov and Geographical Department of the Academy of Sciences.»)
  4. Maps and Pans of Wars of the Russian Empire in the 18th Century.
    1. Northen War (1700-1721).
    2. Russian-Turkish Wars (1735-1739, 1768-1774, 1787-1791)
    3. Seven Years' War (1756-1763). Russo-Swedish War (1788-1790).
  5. Geographical Department of the Cabinet of His Imperial Majesty.
  6. The General Surveying of 1765-1888. Atlas of the Kaluga Province.

Part 2. Foreign Maps and Atlases of the 16th-17th Centuries of Russia.

  1. General maps of Russia (Moscow Principality, Tartary etc.)
  2. Maps of the Northern part of Russia.
  3. Plans of cities.