Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia


Discours sur le mariage de Pollion et d’Eurydice. Late 15th – early 16th c. France (Paris). 46 ff., 241 x 162 mm, parchment, 12 miniatures. Fr. Q.v.III. 3. Fol. 15 r.: Miniature “How husbands may cause their wives' chastity or impudence”.
This is a French translation of Plutarch’s work made by Jean Laudet in 1499 on the account of the wedding of Louis XII and Anne de Bretagne.
Berlioz, Hector (1803 – 1869), French composer and conductor.
Te Deum. For three choirs, orchestra and organ. Full score. [1849-1850]. Autograph. 104 f ., 357 х 267 mm, paper. Coll. 65. Н. Berlioz. No. 1. Fol. 28 r.: № 3 – Prelude.
Berlioz, Hector. Photograph by Ch. Reutlinger. S.a. Paris. 1 f., 105 x 63 mm. Coll. 965. P.L. Vaksel. No. 234.
The manuscript was given to the Imperial Public Library by its author on 11th of September, 1862.
Congratulatory address presented by the French Society of writers and composers (la Societe des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques) to the Great Princess Maria Pavlovna, born Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Last quater of the 19th c. II 28 ff., 298 x 240 mm, paper.
Binding with guilt stamping. Coll. 650. The Romanovs, Imperial Family. No. 1540.
The address contains the signatures of the members of the Society, including Gaston Leroux, Maurice Leblanc, Pierre Loti, Edmond Rostand, Camille Saint-Saens, Anatole France, Paul Hervieu e.a.