Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia


Carlos II, Spanish King (1665 – 1700). Patent of ennobelment granted to Don Juan Gil del Barrio Palacio de Sahagun and Don Gaspard, Don Santiago and Don Bernardo Gil del Barrio Palacio de Cervera. June 22, 1679.
179 ff. , 282 x 200 mm, parchment. Span. F.v.IV. 1. Fol. 1 v.: Our Lady with John the Baptist and St. Bernard giving blessings to the members of Gil del Barrio Palacio family. Fol. 172 r.: portrait of King Carlos II.
Book of the Later Prophets. 1260-s. Toledo. I – II, 234, III – IV ff., 290 x 245 mm, parchment. Coll. 946. A. S. Firkovich. Hebr. II. B. 53. Fol. IV r.: “Carpet” page.
‘Ali b. ‘Abd Allah al-Shushtari. Diwan (Collection of lyric poetry). 1071 A.H./1661 A.D. North Africa. 112 ff., 205 x 145 mm, paper. Dorn. 137. Fol. 1 v.: The beginning of the Diwan with an ornamented heading.
Al-Shushtari (1203-1269) was an Arabic mystic poet from Andalusia.
Valera, Juan (1824 – 1905), Spanish writer. Letter to Modest Andreevich Korff with the expression of gratitude on behalf of Duke of Osuna for giving the opportunity to acquire the collection of the editions of Bible translated into the national languages of the peoples of Russia. March 31, s.a.
2 ff., 277 x 133 mm, paper. Coll. 380. M.A. Korff. No. 456. Fol. 1 r., 2 v.
M.A. Korff (1800 – 1876), Russian historian and statesman, director of the Imperial Public Library in 1849 – 1861.