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Reference Literarure

Publications of the poem «The Lusiadas» in Russian:

  • Luís Camões. The Lusiads: Poem in ten songs. The text of the poem. Explanatory articles / Publisher of I. Glazunov. St. Petersburg, 1897.
  • L. de Camões. Sonnets. Translation from Portuguese and preface of V. Levik. — Moscow: Khudozhestvennaya Literatura, 1964. — 96 pp. Print run: 30 000 copies.
  • Luís Camões. The Lusiads: Excerpts / Translation of I. Tynianova // European poets of the Renaissance. Moscow, 1974. Pp. 623—641 (World Literature Series).
  • L. de Camões. Lyrics. / Translation from Portuguese. Compiled by E. Golubeva and I. Khokhlova; Preface by S. Eremina; Notes by S. Eremina and V. Reznichenko. — Moscow: Khudozhestvennaya Literatura, 1980. — 303 pp. Print run: 30 000 copies.
  • L. de Camões. The Lusiads; Sonnets. Translation from Portuguese. / The Editorial board: N. Balashov, Yu. Whipper, K. Dolgov, etc .; Introductory article and comments by A. Ovcharenko; Compilers of the Section «Sonnets» E. Golubeva and I. Khokhlova. — Moscow: Khudozhestvennaya Literatura, 1988. — 503 с.
  • Luís de Camões. The Lusiads / Moscow: Rudomino Book Center, 2014.

About Luís de Camões:

  • V. Levik. Poet, soldat i moreplavatel' (The Poet, Soldier and Sailor) // L. Camões. Sonnets / Translation from Portuguese of V. Levik and M. Talov. Moscow, 1964.
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