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Vladimir Mayakovsky. Dreamer and Herald

Mayakovsky and Memories

Blood, not water,
flows through our veins.
through a storm of bullets, we try
To ensure that
one day
we’ll be born again,
In steamships,
in words
– in things that never die.
To Comrade Nette, the Man and the Ship [1926], translated by Stephen Capus

The news of the death of Mayakovsky caused shock and dismay, as a sudden disaster. Mayakovsky is rated as a poet of great significance because of his sense of responsibility for the suffering of people, for all mankind as well as for the imperfection of the world. This pain is the nerve of Mayakovsky's poetry that runs through all his works, from his early poems to death verses about the universe, and makes them tragic. According to the writer Viktor Shklovsky, Mayakovsky died not from the pangs of love or jealousy, but because he ceased to like anything. The passion faded away, he stop loving not only the woman to whom most of his later writings were dedicated, but all about what he so enthusiastically wrote with such violent faith. The Russian literary critic and prosaist Shklovsky writes, 'Vladimir died, outlining his death as a scene of the crash with edge lights, explaining how the love boat dies, how a person dies not of an unrequited love, but because he fell out of love."

The death of Mayakovsky holds many mysteries and legends. Researchers of the life and works of the poet advance numerous theories of his abrupt departure from life. The materials of the investigative file on Vladimir Mayakovsky, previously stored in the fund of the former head of the Soviet secret police NKVD N.I. Yezhov and in 1995 transferred to Mayakovsky's State Museum, were reproduced in facsimile for the first time. Altogerther with a set of other documents from the museum, they were published in the book Do not blame anyone for my death ? .. Investigative file on Vladimir Mayakovsky . The documents are significantly complemented by the memoiries of contemporaries, witnesses of the last year of his life.