Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia


Unknown artist.
Albanian national costumes.Early 19th c.

3 ff., 255 x 186 and 268 x 170 mm, paper with the water-mark date "1801", water-colour.
Coll. 712. Collection of drawings. No. 1562. Fol. 1 r.
Kastrioto-Skanderbek, Vladimir Georgievich (1820 – 1879), Russian composer.
Quartet for two violins, viola and cello. Full score. 1861. Saint-Petersburg. Autograph. 17 ff., 341 x 265 mm, paper. Leather binding with golden tooling, 350 x 272 mm. F. XII. 6. Binding, fol. 1 r.
Kastrioto-Scanderbeck V. G., Prince, descendant of Albanian national hero George Kastriot (1403 - 1468) named Scanderbeck after Alexander Macedonian. In 1861 the Quartet by V. G. Kastrioto - Scanderbeck won the second prize at the contest of the Russian Musical Society "Art for art".