Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia

The Netherlands

Getijdenboek (Book of Hours). 15th c. The Netherlands.
171 ff., 150 x 111 mm, parchment, 7 miniatures. Dutch. O.v.I. 4. Fol. 72 v. - 73 r.: Miniature "St. Margaret".
Dutch translation from Latin by Geert Groote.
Des werlts spiegell woesine die menschen als in een spiegel ganste ansicht laerder. 1560 - 1578. The Netherlands (Kampen). Dutch.
177 ff., 275 x 200 mm, paper. Dutch. F.XIV. 2. Fol. 151 v. - 152 r.: Map of Kampen and its description in verse.