Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia


Gospel. 1534. Moldovlachian recension. 320 ff., 305 x 215 mm, parchment. Pogodin. 22. Fol. 150 v. - 151 r.
The scribe, Thoma Logophet, on fol. 306 v. has left a note informing that he was working on the manuscript during the reign of "voevoda and gospodar of the Moldavian land" Ioann Piotr, and donated the book to the monastery in Dobrovets.
Homilies of John and Varsonophios. 1843 - 1859.
196 ff., 360 x 216 mm, paper. NSRK. F. 612. Fol. 1 v. - 2 r.: Portrait of Paisiy Velichkovskiy (1772 - 1794), archimandrite of the Nyametsk monastery in Moldova, canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1988.
Riakovits, Mikhail, Moldavian gospodar. Charter to the John the Baptist`s Nativity monastery in Khotin, exempting the monastery and its foreign lay brothers from land taxes and duties. June 3, 7212 A.M./1704 A.D.
A.M./1704 A.D. 6 ff., 377 x 264 mm, paper. New series of autographs. No 17/43. Fol. 1 r.