Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia


[Dmitri Cantemir (1673 – 1723)]. "Книга система или состояние мухаммеданской религии" ("The system or the state of Muhammadan religion"). St. Petersburg, 1722, December 22.
Title-page, 2 engrav., 406 p., 315 x 200 mm. RBD. Peter I collection. No. 715. Engraving: Three female figures are the allegory of Asia, Africa and Europe; title-page.
Lifetime edition of the Kantemir’s work about contemporary state of the muslim faith, translated from Latin into Russian, printed in St. Petersburg by the order.
Life of Peter the Great, translated from Greek into Romanian through the care of Jacob, Metropolitan of Moldavia. 1755.
266 ff., 300 x 201 mm, paper. Rom. F.IV.1. Fol. 2 v. – 3 r.: 1st page of the text with the ornamented heading in red ink and one initial.
Peter I, The Great (1672 – 1725), Russian Emperor.Charter to Dmitri Kantemir, “gospodar and prince of the land of Volos”, about taking him and the entire principality of Valahia under the patronage of Russia. April 13, 1711. Lutsk.
10 ff., 350 x 230 mm, paper. Coll. 247. G.R. Derzhavin.
Fol. 1 r. – 1 v.