French Royal Bindings of the 17th-19th Centuries

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Charles the Count of Artois (Charles X)

Livre de poste, ou état général des postes du royaume de France, suivi de la carte géométrique des routes desservies en poste, avec désignation des relais et des distances: pour l'an 1828. — Paris : de l'Imprimerie royale, 1828.

4o (128 х 200 mm). A red marocain binding with gold embossing. Charles X's super ex libris — the King's coat of arms is placed on the front and back covers (is established by: OHR, pl. 2498, №4).

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Postal Service Book for 1828.

A book with a fine binding deserves special attention not only for Charles X's bookplate, but also for decorative ornaments embossed in gold. Such a beautiful cover hides a very ordinary content: the Postal Service Book for 1828. This is an annual publication of the French postal service with enumerations of post houses and routes, made in the form of tables.