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Marie-Antoinette of Habsbourg-Lorraine (Marie-Antoinette de Habsbourg-Lorraine; 1755-1793), Dauphine of France (1770-1774), Queen of France and Navarre (1774-1791), Queen of the French (1791-1792), was a daughter of the Emperor Francis I the Habsburg dynasty. She was famous for her love of a luxurious way of life. During the Great French Revolution Marie Antoinette was found guilty of high treason and executed in 1793.


Théatre allemand, ou recueil des meilleures pieces dramatiques. Tant anciennes que modernes, qui ont paru en langue allemande; précédé d'une dissertation sur l'origine, les progrès & l'etat actuel de la poësie théatrale en allemagne. Par MM. Junker et Liebault. — A Paris : chez J. P. Costard, 1772. — 2 vols.

8o (98 x 167 mm). A red marocain binding embossed in gold. Marie-Antoinette's super ex libris — the coat of arms of the Dauphine of France is placed on the front and back covers (is established by: OHR, pl. 2529, №8).

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Collection of German plays Collection of German plays

Théatre allemand is a collection of German plays translated into French. Both red marocain-bound volumes contain Marie-Antoinette's super ex libris — coat of arms of the Dauphine of France. It can be confidently asserted that the bindings were crafted between 1770 and 1774, after the marriage of Marie Antoinette with the Dauphin Louis and before his coronation.