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Sophie Philippine de France

Sophie Philippine de France (Sophie Philippine Elisabeth Justine de France; 1734-1782) — was a French princess, a child of Louis XV of France, a sister of Marie Adélaïde de France and Victoire de France, a great-aunt of Louis XVI, Louis XVIII and Charles X. First known as Madame Cinquième ("Madame the Sixth"), signifying the sixth daughter of the King, she later became "Madame Sophie". She was never married.


Almanach Royal, anneé M. DCC. LXXV. Présenté à Sa Majesté pour la premiere fois en 1699; mis en ordre et publié par Le Breton, premier imprimeur ordinaire du Roi. — A Paris, 1775.

8o (130 x 210 mm). A yellow marocain binding with gold embossing. Sophie Philippine de France's super ex libris — the coat of arms is placed on the front and back covers (is established by: OHR, pl. 2514, №7).

Shelf mark:

Royal Almanac for 1775. Royal Almanac for 1775.

A yellow marocain-bound book, with Sophie Philippine de France's super ex libris embossed in gold, entered the our library in 1928. It is the Royal Almanac for 1775, an official publication of the French crown in the 18th century. Each issue includes information like calendars, lists of births, deceased and married representatives of the royal families of Europe; lists of officers and officials; documents of the provincial and city administrations etc. Despite the apparent boring contents, almanac was popular with readers. Usually it was sold already bound by the publisher, so this exhibed copy is unique.