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A Remarkable Triad: the Science, Art and Education

Publishing activity of A. Ilyin's Cartographic Establishment

Books and Illustrative Material

Grand Prince Sviatoslav's Miscellanies of 1073  
St.Petersburg, 1880 (phototype edition)

[Lithographs depicting military munitions, enclosed in the Document of the Military Department of 1889)]  

Vestnik modyi [Fashion Bulletin].  
Magazine. 1894, no.35

Viktor Vasnetsov (1848-1926)
1892. Dinner Menu. 26 November.
Menu of the Dinner Given for Recipients of the Order of St. George, Military and Civilian Officials on the Feast day of St. George on 26 November. St.Petersburg: A. Ilyin's Cartographic Establishment, 1892.

Viktor Vasnetsov (1848-1926)
1883. Nicholas II's Coronation Dinner Menu. 24 May.
Menu of the Dinner Given in Honour of the Coronation of Their Imperial Majesties the Sovereign Emperor Nikolay Aleksandrovich and the Sovereign Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna. St.Petersburg: A. Ilyin's Cartographic Establishment, 1883.


Diplomas, Certificates of Merit  

Invitation Cards, Programmes of Concerts      

Illustrations for the Bible