Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia


Unknown artist.
Maria-Theresia (1717 - 1780), Holy Roman Empress.

Letter to Countess of Lerchenfeld, archduchess’s governess, informing her about the death of archduchess Josephe. S.a. S.l. 1 f., 193 x155 mm, paper, black mourning frame. Coll. 993. P.K. Suchtelen. Box 1. No. 25.
Franz I (1708 - 1765), Holy Roman Emperor.
Directions given to Count Rudolph von Goes, Austrian ambassador in Sweden. March 30, 1754. Vienna. 2 ff., 365 x 220 mm, paper, red wax seal.Coll. 993. P.K. Suchtelen. Box 1. No. 31.