Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia


Abu Muhammad Ilyas b. Yusuf Nizami Ganjawi.
"Khamsah" (Five epics).
896 A.H./1491 A.D. Shiraz. 366 ff., 335 x 205mm, paper. P.n.s. 83. Fol. 196 v.-197 r.
Miniature showing Bahram Gur in the black pavillion. Binding with a flap.
Muhammad b. Sulayman al-Baghdadi al-Fudhuli.
Diwan (Collection of lyric poetry).16th c. 117 ff., 200 x 140 mm, paper.
Dorn. 570. Fol. 6 v. - 7 r.
The beginning of the Diwan is decorated with an illuminated heading–unwan. Leather binding with a flap.
Tawakkuli b. Isma`il al-Ardabili known as Ibn al-Bazzaz (14th c.).
"Safwat as-safa" (The chosen part of the purity).
Mid. 16th c. Shiraz. 479 ff., 310 x 200 mm, paper. Khanykov.
91. Fol. 1 v. - 2 r.: Illuminated double frontispiece.
The original work was written in Persian.
This manuscript contains the Azerbaijani translation of it made
by Neshati. It relates the biography of the legendary ancestor
of the Safawid dinasty shaykh Safi ad-din Ishaq.