Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia


Trebizond Gospel.
14 ff., 326 x 260 mm, parchment. Gr. 21. Fol. 10 v.: Miniature "Christ and two Maries".
The manuscript is decorated with richly illuminated initials and many miniatures. A gift to Alexander II from Konstantios, metropolitan of Trebizond.
The "prophetic" papyrus - a fragment of a catalogue of some private library.
3th c. Egypt, Memphis (?). 1 f., 120 x 97 mm, papyrus. Gr. 1/13.
The manuscript was found in Lower Egypt near the town of Sapkara, not far from the ruins of Memphis. Among the books listed in the catalogue two Aristotle’s works are mentioned. One of them "Politia of Neapol" has not been found till now; fragments of the second work entitled “Politia of Athens” were discovered only 16 years after the publication of this papyrus. This allowed V. Ernshted, the first researcher of the manuscript, to name it a "prophetic" one.