Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia


Cicero, Marcus Tullius. Epistola al Octaviano.
Eschin. Epistola agli Ateniesi. 2nd half of 15th c. Italy. 11 ff., 218 x 140 mm, gilded parchment, 2 large decorated initials. Ital. O.v.XV. 1. Fol. 1 r.
The manuscript from the library of the Hungarian King Mathias Corvin.
Liszt, Ferenc (1811 – 1866), Hungarian composer, pianist, conductor. Missa solennis zur Einweihung der Basilica in Gran. (Granian messa). Full score.
1855. [Weimar]. Autograph. 57 ff., 397 х 330 mm. Coll. 298. A.I. Ziloti. No. 2. Fol. 9 r.: Gloria.
Liszt, Ferenc and Ziloti, Alexander Ilyich. Photograph. 1880-s. S.l. 1 f., 197 x 127 mm. Coll. 816. N.F. Findeisen. No. 3552.
The manuscript was given by the Austrian minister Prince Paul Anton Esterhazy (1786 – 1866) to the Emperor Alexander II on the occasion of the coronation ceremony.