Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
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Chronologie universelle. 15th c. Flanders (Bruges).
47 ff., 550 x 384 mm, parchment, 22 miniatures and 51 medallions with the Biblical scenes and portraits of historical personalities. Fr. F.v.IV. 12. Fol. 28 v.: View of Rome.
The work is a chronicle of the events of the unversal history starting with the creation of the world until the coming of Christ. With a short survey of the Roman history. The miniatures are considered to be the works of the artist known as the "Master of Edward IV".
Livius, Titus Patavinus.
Historiarum ab urbe condita, libri I-X, XXI-XXXII, XXXIV-XL. 15th c. Italy. 463 ff., 324 x 227 mm, parchment, 3 miniatures, decorated borders and initials. Cl. lat. F.v.2. Fol. 1 r.: Miniature portraying the author working in his study.
The manuscript belonged to many prominent owners, among them Marie de Luxembourg, Pierre Seguier, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, e.a.