Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia


Patkul, Johann Reinhold von (1660 – 1707). Letter to colonel Tiesenhausen. June 6, 1690. Riga.
1 f., 325 x 197 mm, paper. Coll. 124. P.L. Vaksel. Inv. 2. No. 151. Fol. 1 r. Patkul, Johann Reinhold von. Photograph from a portrait. S.a. S.l.
1 f., 106 x 65 mm. Coll. 124. P.L. Vaksel. Inv. 2. No. 151. Fol. 3.
Johann Reinhold von Patkul was a Livonian nobleman (general) in the service to Peter I. Executed by the Swedish.
Karte von Kurland abgetheilt in 4 Oberhauptmannschaften und dem Piltenschen Kreis. [1797 – 1819].
1 f., 570 x 970 mm, paper, ink, water-colour; pasted on green silk cloth. [1:420000]. Coll. 342. Collection of maps and charts. No. 804.
With the addition of the maps of Libava and Mitava.
Corpus Privilegiorum indigenarum Rigae in Livonia. 1763.
241 ff., 321 x 197 mm, paper. inding of brown leather with the coat of arms of Riga stamped in gold. Germ. F.II. 197. Binding and fol. 1 r.