Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia

Russia Petersbourg

Plan de Petersbourg. Tardieu P.F. Paris, 1809. A miniature on porcelain, frame of mahogany. Diameter 80 mm. K 2-Пб/35.
The map of Saint-Petersburg executed by the Parisian engraver P.F. Tardieu. It is an exact copy of the Russian map published in 1790. The map of Saint-Petersburg was engraved in the same year. The miniature was purchased by A. Ilyin, the head of the well-known company “A.Ilyin's Cartographic Establishment”. The map includes bottom index, where letters indicate city parts, islands, rivers, canals; figures indicate public buildings. In the cartouche there are coats of arms of Russia and Saint-Petersburg.
Archival set of documents on the construction of the Emperor Library building. 1795 – 1798.
183 ff., 210 x 320 mm. ADD. Coll.1. Inv. 1-1795. No. 1. Fol. 59.