Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia


Velichko, Samuil Vasilievich (? – after 1728), chronicler. Chronicle of events in the South-West of Russia in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Vol. 1 – 252 ff., vol. 2 – 273 ff., 315 x 200 mm, paper. Pogodin. 2020/1-2. Vol. 1, fol. 190 v.; vol. 2, fol. 118 r.
The chronicle was compiled by the retired officer of the General chancellery of Malorossia, on the basis of both his own memories and contemporary publications, such as works of German and Polish historians, Polish chronicles, as well as a number of original Malorossian documents.
Ukrainian kobza-player. Engraving.
19th c. 1 f., 237 х 200 mm, paper. Coll. 816. N.F. Findeisen. No. 560.
Shevchenko, Taras Grigorievich (1814 – 1861), Ukrainian poet. "За думою дума роем вылетае…" ("Thought after thought, crowding away like a swarm…"). 1846. Nezhin. Autograph of the poem.
1 f., 120 x 100 mm. Coll. 179. N.V. Gerbel. No. 12. Fol. 281.