Cultural heritage of Europe in the collections
of the National Library of Russia

United Kingdom

Bestiarium. 1170 – 1185. England. 90 ff., 210 x 150 mm, parchment, 114 miniatures.
Lat. Q.v.V. 1. Fol. 39 v. – 40 r.: Miniatures "Manticora", "Parandrus", "Yale".
Beda Venerabilis. Historia ecclesiastica gentis anglorum. 731 – 746. Northumbria, Wearmouth-Jarrow scriptorium.
162 ff., 270 x 190 mm, parchment, large initials, initial "H" with a miniature portraying of Gregory the Great. Lat. Q.v.I. 18. Fol. 3 v.: The beginning of the narration with the ornamented initial "B" (Britania).
This is the second oldest copy of the work. Fol. 107 r. of the manuscript contains the oldest known Anglo-Saxon text of Caedmon’s Hymn.