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M. Logutova

The Struggle of the Netherlands for Independence and Freedom of Religion

Autograph of William I
The second half of the sixteenth century is a period in the history of the Netherlands when the Reformation was closely intertwined with the struggle of the people for independence from Spanish rule and for freedom of religion.

Numerous documents stored in the NLR, for instance, messages of the States General of the Republic of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, ordinances of Holland and West Friesland on tax quotas, distribution of reparations, contributions and military expenses evidence a heavy military burden which the population bore.

This critical period is reflected in the autographs of William I the Silent, the Prince of Orange, his widow Louise de Coligny, Maurice of Orange, Philip Marnix, Robert Dudley, etc.

The exhibition also features a document originating in the opposite camp. This is the letter from the supporter of the Spanish, the stadtholder Geldern, Count of Megen, to the military commander of the Spanish king Duke of Alba.

William I (Willem I “de Zwijger” van Nassau-Dillenburg, рrins van Oranje,1533–1584). The order to the Governor of Schiedam to give 610 pounds to Captain CasauР.
1 August 1575. William I' signature is an autograph.
Count of Megen (Karel van Brimeu graaf van Megen, 1524 - 1572). Letter to Duke of Alba (Fernando Alvarez de Toledo duke de Alba).
1568. Count of Megen's signature is an autograph in French.