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About the Manuscript

This section includes a brief entry about the Codex Zographensis.

Description of the Manuscript

This section contains a description of the Codex Zographensis. All data are recovered from the Depositary System in direct connection with digital copies of the landmark, so the basic information of this section of the site can be readily illustrated by the corresponding virtual pages of the manuscripts.


This section contains contents of the manuscript. On this page you can drill down to a selected portion of the manuscript to view it on this website.

See the Manuscripts – Content

Here you can find a digital copy of the «Codex Zographensis» along with the tools necessary to view the manuscript on this website.

The section lists titles of the six books of which the «Codex Zographensis» contsists and : the four Gospels, the lifes of saints and the church calendar. Each of the Gospels is devided into chapters. This page enables you to jump right to the selected extract of the manuscript.

The text of the «Codex» is written in Old Russian and may cause difficulty comprehending during reading. Therefore, each virtual page of the manuscript is accompanied by transliteration of the text (the box to the right of the copy). Transliteration is based on the rules adopted for the publication of historical documents.

The digital copies of each page of the manuscript are linked with descriptions of their content by entries in the Depositary system. The title and the opening words of the corresponding section of the «Codex Zographensis» are given at the bottom of the screen.


You can perform a full text search by keyword in Cyrillic, except the section «Synaxarion». The search query returns a list of sheets which are linked to the correspoding virtual pages of the manuscript that you can view. In the transliteration box, the search word are marked with colour.

To search for verses of the Gospels text, you should make a request of the type keyword in Russian with the following models: the common abbreviation of the name of the gospel (Мф., Лк., Мк., Ин.), a space and then chapter and verse numbers, separated by a colon, with no spaces, for example: Мф. 3:11