11. Сhronique d’Angleterre (dite Chronique de Brut)

History of England (Chronicles of Brutus)
14th century, in the French language.
Parchment, coloured filigree initial letters.
Binding of the 17th century: cardboard, embossed brown leather.
Fr. Q.v.IV.8

The 14th century manuscript contains a French translation of the legendary history of Britain - the so-called "Chronicles of Brutus" which was entitled after Brutus of Troy, a descendant of the Trojan hero Aeneas, known in a medieval British legend as the first king of England. The story begins with a description of wandering of Brutus who eventually sailed to the shores of Albion and became its first king. The chronicle also includes a series of legends about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

12. Сombauld D’Auteuil, Charles (ca 1588-1670)

Blanche, infante de Castille, mère de Saint Louis, reine et régente de France.
History of Blanche of Castile, the mother of St. Louis, Queen and Regent of France.
17th century, France, in the French language.
Binding of the 17th century: cardboard, brown leather embossed with gold coats of arms of Anne of Austria.
Edition: Paris, 1644. Fr. Q.IV.99

The manuscript book contains a history of the French Queen Blanche of Castile (1188-1252), the wife of Louis VIII, the regent during the reign of her son, Louis IX who took part in two crusades and was declared a saint.

Baron Сombauld D’Auteuil - the author of «History of Blanche of Castile» - wrote several historical works. In this book he focuses on the medieval ruler's talent for governing, drawing a parallel with the regency of his contemporary, Dowager Queen Anne of Austria. The arms of Anne of Austria, embossed on the covers of the binding, prove that the manuscript belonged to one of the most beautiful and well-educated members of the ruling dynasties of France. Anne of Austria is well known from in Alexandre Dumas's adventure novel about the three Musketeers, which describes the history of relations between the royal couple and Cardinal Richelieu.

As it follows from the inscription made by Joseph Andrzej Załuski on the front page, the manuscript is a copy of the Paris edition of 1644.

13. Relatione della nascita corso e vita del Cardinale Giulio Mazzarino

Biography of Cardinal Jules Mazarin.
17th century, in Latin and Italian.
Binding of the 17th century: cardboard, brown leather.
It. О.IV.5

The Biography of Cardinal Jules Mazarin (1602-1661) from birth to death was compiled by an unknown author in the Italian language; it is not found among the published works about Mazarin.

Portrait of Anne of Austria brush Peter Paul Rubens.
Portrait of Cardinal Giulio Mazarin.