Exact Sciences: Mathematics, Astronomy

19. Poetius, Johann Michael (fl. 1693-1738)

Gründliche Einleitung zur Wissenschafft der Zahlen. Leipzig, 1721.
Introduction to the science of calculation.
1721, Leipzig, in the German language.
Binding of the 13th century: cardboard, brown leather.
Edition: Frankfurt und Leipzig, Fritsch, 1728.
Nem. Q.IX.5

The lifetime handwritten copy of the textbook on the arithmetic by the German mathematician and theologian Johann Michael Poetius preceded the first edition published in 1728.

20. Thomas Corbinianus (1694-1767)

Firmamentum firmianum, seu Manuductio ad globum artificialem coelestem.
Fundamental principle or a guide to the artistic depiction of the sky.
18th century (1st half), in German and in Latin.
83 copper engraving depicting the celestial sphere and constellations.
The manuscript with a title sheet and engravings from the edition: Augustae Vindelicorum, apud Merz & Mayr., 1731.
Nem. Q.IX.43

The handwritten text of the unusual miscellany is supplemented with a printed title sheet and is illustrated with engravings borrowed from the Augsburg edition of 1731. It is likely the text is also rewritten from this publication. The drawings in the text are made in pen. The treatise deals with description of the heavenly constellations. The author of the treatise is a Benedictine monk from Salzburg Thomas Korbinianus, a versatile scientist: a professor of mathematics and theology, astronomer, cartographer, orientalist.