5. Coutumes des pays d’Anjou et du Maine

Coutumes (the customary laws) of counties of Anjou and Maine.
Late 15th century, France, in French language.
Binding of the 16th century: cardboard, embossed brown leather.
Fr. F.II.70

It is one of the earliest extant legal manuscripts in the Załuski collection. The codex contains legal documents of counties of Anjou and Maine. The manuscript is written in the late 15th century in Bastarda, a Gothic script used in France. Its margins carry numerous comments on the text.

6. Instruction des finances du royaume de France.

Financial documents of the Kingdom of France.
16th century, France, in the French language.
Binding of the 16th century, made from parchment.
Fr. F.II.56

The collection of the 16th century French financial documents. The first leaf of the manuscript carry attributive notes, a stamp and a handwritten inscription of Józef Andrzej Załuski, which evidence that the manuscript belonged to the famous Załuski library.

7. Juristische Sammelhandschrift: Das Colmisch Recht anno 1559; Ordnung der freyen Städte Konigs¬berg; Das Wasserrecht, u. a.

Legal Collection: the Kulm law, 1559; Charter of the free city of Konigsberg; Water law, and others.
16th-17th century, Germany, in the German language.
Binding: the covers, made of the waste sheets, are coated with a fragment from a notated Latin manuscripts of the 16th century.
Nem. F.II.43

The legal collection contains the Kulm law (a medieval German legal constitution for cities) distributed in many copies, the charter of the city of Konigsberg and legislative acts on the usage of water resources. The original binding has survived, the manuscript is bound in sheets of outdated books and a Latin manuscript with notation.